Tailored Funeral

Tailored Funeral

A funeral tailored to your exact requirements without restriction on products or services, whether traditional, modern, or alternative.

With a mainstream religious funeral, you put yourself in the hands of your faith leader. A religious ceremony has a fixed format called a liturgy which you will be able to personalise but within certain parameters.

Traditional religious content remains a very important and popular choice for many people however, if you don’t want a mainstream religious funeral you can effectively start with a clean sheet and do (almost!) anything you like.

A funeral ceremony can be as unique as the life lived. Non-religious and semi-religious funerals are becoming more popular because they enable you to be very specific and personal in remembering the life of the person who has died.

If you opt to choose a funeral outside of a mainstream religion and writing a funeral ceremony is too big a task, then we can engage a minister, celebrant or humanist to help you or do it for you. Not many people have the confidence to go it alone.

A funeral can provoke our emotions, thoughts, and senses. There are all sorts of ingredients you can bring to a funeral which will enable you to do this, Music, Poetry, Prayers, or a Eulogy. A funeral need not cost the earth but if you want to push the boat out the sky’s the limit.

Some things to consider for a tailored burial or cremation.

• Type of service – Religious, Semi-religious, Humanist, or other
• Location of service – Place of worship, Private chapel, or other
• Content of service – Poetry, Prayers, Eulogy or other
• Music – Hymns, Recordings, Live musicians or other
• Type of Coffin or Casket – Traditional Coffin or Casket, Personalised, Eco or other
• Transport – Motor Hearse, Horse-drawn carriage, Motor Bike or other
• Floral Tributes – Wreaths, Coffin oasis, personalised displays or other


Cost of Tailored Funerals Start from £2690.00* + Disbursements

*Breakdown of our charges:

Professional Services
Provision of all Professional Services including all appropriate advice, support, and guidance. All personnel necessary in making funeral arrangements including the completion of all documentation and liaising with all necessary third parties.


Supplementary Services
Bringing the deceased into our care


Caring for the deceased including preparation, and presentation of the deceased in our Chapel of Rest.




Provision of a Hearse and necessary personnel to conduct the Funeral.


Provision of a standard ‘Mosley’ coffin.



Payment Terms
50% deposit prior to the funeral taking place
Balance due within 7 days of Final Invoice

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Tailored Funeral

A funeral tailored to your exact requirements without restriction on products or services, whether traditional, modern or alternative.

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The Simple Funeral

Our simple funeral offer families a fixed low cost option restricted to essential services associated with a more conventional funeral.