Simple Funeral

As a member of The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) this service is offered in line with their code of practice. All NAFD members offer the Simple Funeral although charges may differ.


If you require a simple funeral, please make our staff aware of this prior to attending your arrangement appointment.

Why choose a simple funeral?

Simple funerals are generally for:

• People who still want a traditional funeral where they can attend but do not feel they need or want to have any choice or additional options.

• People who cannot afford a Tailored funeral. Because of its basic nature, simple cremation is the cheapest traditional funeral option.

What happens at a simple funeral?

We will provide our professional services and make the funeral arrangements, provide necessary staff for the funeral, and a simple coffin that is suitable for either burial or cremation. We will choose the day and time of the cremation/burial. You will be able to visit the person who has died at our funeral home although this is limited to a set time of our choosing during office hours. We will organise a suitable minister if required who will discuss the content of the service with you. There is provision of a hearse for transportation to the nearest crematorium or cemetery.

In the case of a simple cremation the service will take place in the crematorium chapel. The ashes can be scattered at the crematorium or returned to you.

In the case of a simple burial the service will take place at the graveside during the Interment.

No other services can be added to The Simple Funeral. See common questions below.


Total cost of the simple cremation funeral £1899.00 + Disbursements*


Crematorium Fee
Ministers Fee
Doctors Fee (Not required if reported to the coroner)

Total cost of the simple burial funeral £1899.00 + Disbursements**


Grave Purchase Fee (Not required if existing grave)
Cemetery Interment Fee
Ministers Fee

Additional charge applies for transfer of the deceased outside office hours

Additional charge applies to Coffins over 6ft x 20″

Payment in full required prior to the funeral taking place

Common questions?

When will the funeral take place?
The date and time of the funeral is chosen by us and will usually take place within a week of you contacting us.

Where will the cortege leave from?
The cortege will meet you at the Crematorium or Cemetery.

How do we organise flowers?
You will order your own flowers and will need to bring them with you to the Crematorium or Cemetery on the day of the funeral.

Can I change the type of coffin?
No, a simple coffin is provided and is the only option for a simple funeral.

Can we choose the music?
Yes, we would recommend up to three pieces of music, we will need confirmation of your choices on or before your arrangement appointment.

Can we have service sheets?
You will need to organise and provide your own service sheets; the minister or celebrant should be able to assist with the content.

Can our loved one be dressed in their own clothes?
We do provide a gown, however if preferred we can dress your loved one in their own clothes, we would need their clothes on or before your arrangement appointment.

Can we visit our loved one in the chapel of rest?
Yes, although this is limited to a set time of our choosing during office hours.

What happens to the cremated remains?
We can arrange for the Ashes to be scattered at the crematorium, alternatively we can collect them from the crematorium to await your collection, IMPORTANT: you will need to collect the Ashes from us within two weeks of the funeral taking place.

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