Simple Funeral

The Simple Funeral is a low cost option with limited resources and staff which enables us to keep down the cost. As a member of The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) this service is offered in line with their code of practice. All NAFD members offer the Simple Funeral although charges may differ.

The Simple Funeral Includes:

Our Professional services, making the funeral arrangements, necessary staff for the funeral, a simple coffin that is suitable for either burial or cremation, transfer of the deceased within normal hours from the place of death to our premises ( if transfer is required out of hours or beyond 10 miles an extra charge is applicable) care of the deceased prior to the funeral and the provision of a hearse for transportation to the nearest Crematorium or Cemetery for a graveside service. (Funerals beyond 10 Miles will also incur an extra charge)

No choice of the day or time of the funeral is permitted the funeral will be arranged to fit the commitments of Bridgewater Funeral Service. Limited Chapel Viewing Monday- Friday Open Hours only 9am-4:30pm.

simple funeral

Does NOT include:

Transfer outside normal hours or further than 10 miles ( Out of hours is defined between 4.30pm and 9am Monday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays) should this be required an extra charge of £100 will be incurred on the final bill. Choice of day and time of the funeral, additional transport for the funeral, third party costs, organising flowers, newspaper announcements, funeral stationary or administrating charitable donations. No other services can be added. The Simple Burial is graveside service only.

Total cost of the simple cremation funeral £1499.00 + Disbursements*


Crematorium Fee
Ministers Fee
Doctors Fee (Not required if reported to the Coroner)

Total cost of the simple burial funeral £1499.00 + Disbursements**


Grave Purchase Fee (Not required if existing grave)
Cemetery Interment Fee
Ministers Fee

Payment Terms:

Payment in full required prior to the Funeral taking place

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Tailored Funeral

A funeral tailored to your exact requirements without restriction on products or services, whether traditional, modern or alternative.

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We offer a range of Coffins, Caskets and Ashes Caskets for our funeral services, these are also available independently on request.