Direct Funeral

Why choose a direct funeral?

Direct funeral and direct cremations are generally for;

  • People who do not feel they need or want to have a formal, public, ceremonial funeral. Most people who opt for direct cremation or direct burial could easily afford a traditional funeral but they choose not to in line with their personal beliefs or values;
  • People who cannot afford a simple funeral. Because of its basic nature, direct cremation is the cheapest funeral option.
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What happens at a direct Funeral?

You do not visit the person who has died at our funeral home. You do not choose the day and time of the cremation/burial. There is no hearse, no procession, and no service in the crematorium or at the graveside. The body goes straight off to be cremated or buried without ceremony and without anyone else in attendance except the crematorium or cemetery staff.

In the case of a direct cremation the ashes can be scattered at the crematorium or returned to you. In the case of a direct burial the interment takes place in a public grave without memorialisation.

No other services can be added to the Direct Burial.


If transfer of the deceased is required outside normal hours or further than 10 miles ( Out of hours is defined between 4.30pm and 9am Monday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays) an extra charge of £100 will be incurred on the final bill.

Total cost of the direct cremation funeral £1349.00 
Total cost of the direct burial funeral £1454.00*

*Salford residents only POA for other council areas
Payment Terms: Payment in full required prior to the Funeral taking place.

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Tailored Funeral

A funeral tailored to your exact requirements without restriction on products or services, whether traditional, modern or alternative.

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The Simple Funeral

Our simple funeral offer families a fixed low cost option restricted to essential services associated with a more conventional funeral.