Tailored Funeral

November 23, 2020
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A funeral tailored to your exact requirements without restriction on products or services, whether traditional, modern, or alternative.

With a mainstream religious funeral, you put yourself in the hands of your faith leader. A religious ceremony has a fixed format called a liturgy which you will be able to personalise but within certain parameters.

Traditional religious content remains a very important and popular choice for many people however, if you don’t want a mainstream religious funeral you can effectively start with a clean sheet and do (almost!) anything you like.

A funeral ceremony can be as unique as the life lived. Non-religious and semi-religious funerals are becoming more popular because they enable you to be very specific and personal in remembering the life of the person who has died.

A funeral can provoke our emotions, thoughts, and senses. There are all sorts of ingredients you can bring to a funeral which will enable you to do this, Music, Poetry, Prayers, or a Eulogy. A funeral need not cost the earth but if you want to push the boat out the sky’s the limit.

Some things to consider for a tailored burial or cremation.

• Type of service – Religious, Semi-religious, Humanist, or other
• Location of service – Place of worship, Private chapel, or other
• Content of service – Poetry, Prayers, Eulogy or other
• Music – Hymns, Recordings, Live musicians or other
• Type of Coffin or Casket – Traditional Coffin or Casket, Personalised, Eco or other
• Transport – Motor Hearse, Horse-drawn carriage, Motor Bike or other
• Floral Tributes – Wreaths, Coffin oasis, personalised displays or other

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